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PaidCollection Contract

Our Collection Service Agreements offer personalized accounts receivable collection services that are designed for each client. We provide you with a rate that will give the best possible opportunity for success in collection of your accounts.

Collection Coupons  

DCI offers a powerful collection tool to use to collect accounts that are sixty to one hundred fifty days old.  This collection process includes:

  • 16 account coupons for  $98.50  (no expiration)
  • 52 account coupons for  $298.50 (no expiration)
  • Consumer is mailed two notices on DCI letterhead fourteen days apart urging them to pay in full
    • Date of listing – validation notice sent
    • After 14 days – 2nd request for payment mailed
  • If paid to you within this twenty-eight day period, you pay no commission to us.
  • If consumer makes payment arrangements with you, no commission is paid to us.
  • After 28 days accounts go into Primary collections

Primary Collections

The DCI primary collection process ensures that our collection staff will use all available resources to give our clients the best possible return on their listed accounts. Our goal is to give you the highest possible netback recovery. The process may include the following:

  • Validation notice mailed on the date of listing
  • Skip tracing for current address and phone information
  • Phone calls begin on the first day that we receive your accounts
  • Asset analysis through the use of credit reports and employment information
  • Payment arrangements which may include the use of check by phone, credit cards, ACH pay plans or voluntary wage assignments
  • Civil court action

Our collection commission rates depend on the age of the accounts you are listing and the volume of accounts listed. For a collection commission rate, call the marketing division of DCI Credit Services, Inc. at 701-456-3068.Adobe Reader

How to List Accounts Manually

In order to make listing accounts with us a smooth and easy process all you need to do is download our agreement for collection services and collection listing sheets.

Once you have downloaded these forms, you can fill in the information needed and mail the agreement and listing sheets to us at the following address:

DCI Credit Services, Inc.
PO Drawer 1347
1409 West Villard
Dickinson, North Dakota 58602-1347
Attention: Mike

How to List Accounts Electronically

To download accounts electronically, simply call DCI Credit Services, Inc. at 701-483-9111 for information. The process is quick and easy! You can download accounts to us electronically or you can send us a 3.5” floppy disc or CD of the files. We are proud to offer an online feature that allows our clients to review their accounts on our website. You can report payments, check the status of your accounts and request customized reports designed for your specific needs.

DCI Credit Services, Inc. | 1409 West Villard | PO Box 1347 | Dickinson, ND 58602 | 701-483-9111 | Fax 701-483-4438